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We reached Sounzan Station from the Ropeway and it was extra cold up there.  From Sounzan Station we have to walk around 10 minutes to get into the volcanic zone.  Owakudani is a volcanic valley with active sulphur vents and hot springs.

This is what we came to!! OMG.... Very clear view of Mount Fuji
A stall at the station selling baked sweet potatoes. And look they have the advertisement in a few languages.  

This is in Indonesian language which is very similar to Malay language 

Bought this for 1,000 yen (which is consider very cheap) RM40.00

Snack break nom nom nom!

I'm protecting my face from Mr Sun hahahhahahahahhahaha

Souvenirs shop before we reach the trail 

Don't  know how Dina managed to eat ice cream in a cold weather like that 

The trail.. Up we go!

Pack of 5 eggs = 500 yen  (RM15)

The Kuro-Tamago (black egg) local specialty of eggs hard boiled in the hot spring.  The boiled eggs turned black and smell sulphuric.  Eating the eggs is believed to increase longevity and eating one is said to add seven years of your life. You may eat two and a half but eating the whole third is unadvised.  I guess this is only a believe and I ate them only because I was quite hungry at that time..Hahahahahhaha

We met Hachiko! Joking ...

Studying the map

We bought some souvenirs and headed back to Gora Station by Hakone Tozan Cable Car.  From Gora Station we took Hakone Tozan Train to get to Hakone-Yumoto Station.  We did not take the Shinkanzen back to Tokyo, we took the normal train instead and disembarked at Shinjuku Station

Hakone Tozan Cable Car

At Gora Station

My Hakone post end here.  I do miss Hakone because of the scenic and beautiful scenery but the weather was colder than Tokyo, I can't stand it!  We were so lucky to have included Hakone in our itinerary although it was really last minutes.  I achieved two of my wishlist while in Japan here. One is riding the Shinkanzen and another one is to view the Mount Fuji.  Glad to have leave my footprint here Hakone, till next time!!!

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