Jeju Island - Day 2

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Good morning Jeju!! Oooohh it was so sad because we will be leaving the scenic Jeju in less than 12 hours. I have an interesting story to tell.

We made a booking for the hotel in Jeju through a website.  Deposit paid online and the balance to be paid upon check in. The balance we need to pay was KRW36,450. It is a practice for me and Ina to put aside or separated our money for meals, hotel, transport and shopping.  I was like :

Witha : Eh how come the balance of my shopping money is so little?? 
Ina : Is it? Did you count wrongly?
Witha : No! It's all here but very different from what we budgeted
Ina : Yeah, I think mine too. But it's ok. There is HSBC here. We can always withdraw if we need more cash to shop.
Ok but I was too sad to say anything. Did I calculate wrongly??

Upon check in, the ahjumma in the picture below was at the registration counter. She was the one who in charge of our check in since the boss was out for lunch break.  I handed our reservation slip, the money and signed some documents.  She gave us our key and we were about to leave the counter when she shouted some Korean language that we totally don't understand.  We were stunned and looked at the money that she kept showing in her hand. 

Witha : Ina, I think the money is not enough la.. I might overlooked the slip
Ina : ?? Ok how much was it again? 
Witha : Wait I check the slip
I was so nervous because the ahjumma kept on scolding us and might think we want to cheat her with the money.

Witha : Eh no lah. The amount is correct. Errr ahjumma do you speak english? English?
Ahjumma : No english.. korea korea.. 
Die la! Die la! What is she trying to say??? She did some sign language, showing us the money, the reservation slip. Then she pushed few notes to us. Ina looked closer at the slip and the money.

Ina : Oooohhhh!!! Ok ok sorry sorry, thank you thank you so much! 
Ina bowed her head a few times and I still standing there looking blur and stupid
Ina : We pay KRW364,500. It should be only KRW36,450. No wonder the calculation were so different. 
Ina gave me her evil look!
Witha : Is it???? Ahjumma kamsahamida! kamsahamida!

I was so happy and glad because the ahjumma is an honest person. We won't notice anything even if she took the money. I admit I made a mistake because I was not familiar with Won. 

With the honest ahjumma. Hope to see you again

We had a breakfast at the rooftop again, took some picture, check out and headed to one of the World Natural Heritage spot, Seongsan Ilchulbong. Since the journey from our hotel to Seongsan Ilchulbong will take roughly 11/2 hours, we decided to stop at any place that we find interesting along the journey. 

We took the coastal road and saw a sign board written "Scenic Spot 1 km"  

And we came to this!

Continue our journey and I saw this beautiful garden. I can't resist to go in even though we had to pay for the entrance fee.

The only thing that Dina thought was interesting

Behind me, Seongsan Ilchulbong from far
We had a 2nd thought to climb up the hill. We decided not to because the weather was so sunny and blatantly hot!!

I wish we could stay to watch the performance

Yeayyy!! What a great scenery. We took a break before heading to our next destination because the weather was so crazy hot.  I totally could not stand the heat.

Fried octopus! Yummylicious

Happy with my octopus and ice-cream

After that short break we headed to Seopjikoji Coast which is located 10 - 15 mins away from Ilchulbong.

Dried squid

What? Another hill?

Another korean drama shooting location called "All In" filmed on 2003 starring Song Hye Kyo and her former husband Lee Byung Hun. This chapel was destroyed by typhoon and reconstructed afterwards. 

Silk worm
We have 3 more places to go before we head to the airport.  Seonguep Folk Village, Trick Art Museum and  Sangumburi Crater.

Seonguep Folk Village, the main entrance of one of the houses

I wish it was still spring
One of the houses in the village
There is still one grandmother lives here.  She was out for some errands when we were there. 
Inside her house
I totally forgotten what is this called. Few kind of berries were fermented and it turned out to very yummy juice. 

Then it was time to bid goodbye to the scenic Jeju Island. We didn't get a chance to go to Sangumburi Crater because we spend longer time taking pictures at Trick Art Museum and realized we don't have much time left.  We rushed to the airport and reached just on time to board our plane.

나는 제주도와 사랑에 오전 다시 방문 올 것이다!   

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