Hello Kitty Cafe Hongdae, Seoul

by - 10:18 PM

There are 2 Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul, one in Shinchon and the other one is in Hongdae.  The one that was on my itinerary list is the cafe in Hongdae because I want to go to the clothing stalls on Eoulmadang-ro. I was very sure I followed every single instructions that I obtained from Mr Google to get there but we got lost!  We were lucky because there was this young man who kind enough to show us the right direction.  No wonder we got lost. Apparently, this station did a renovation and changed the exit numbers. I am so sorry I can't tell you the direction to Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae as I totally forgotten how to get there.  

My confused face.. 

This is actually a hand soap 

Wanted to order hot drink so I can have Hello Kitty image on my drink but the weather was too hot. I ended up having ice peach tea. Didn't order any food as the reviews are quite bad.  Coffee Prince Cafe is somewhere around this area too and I asked for direction from the friendly staffs because I don't want to get lost again. I was soooooo disappointed to learned that the cafe was closed down. Uwarrrghhhhhh!!! 

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