Seoul - Day 4

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We planned to start early on the 4th day as we have few places to cover.  Need to come back early to pack our luggage too as we are leaving to Jeju Island the next day. I'm pretty excited!  Oh I forgot to mention, after we came back from Nami Island we still have plenty of time to spend so we decided to do a little shopping at Myeongdong.  

Myeongdong shopping heaven! 

I'm a happy bear!!
So on that day we left quite early. The first destination was to shop at Lotte Duty Free (The Lotte Department Store main branch) which is located in the hotspot of Myeongdong's shopping district. We decided to walk there since it was really near to our guest house.  Yahooooo!! 

How to go The Lotte Department Store Main branch :
Euljiro (il) ga Station (Line 2).  The Lotte Department Store is directly connected to the station.

Myeongdong street at early morning
The one and only picture of me in the Lotte Duty Free. This was on the escalator before I hit the skincare floor!  I was lost in the battle of shopping short after  

Next stop was Lotte Star Avenue but I didn't go in to experience the spot of Korean Wave and Korean celebrities entertainment.  I just did a few cam whoring outside because we have few more places to go. 

How to go to Lotte Star Avenue :
Exit 3 Jamsil Station (Line 2) The first underground floor at the South Gate of Lotte World.
Admission fees :
Adult KRW10,000 Children KRW7,000 (Entire fees are donated to non profit organizations)

Lotte Star Avenue

Hahahahahhaahahaha if only I can meet them personally! I was frustrated because Lee Min Ho was not  featured there. Choi Ji Wo in the other hand, is the only female artist featured when I was there.  I'm not too sure how or on what basis are these artist were chosen. From what I heard, they were voted by the citizens.  Not sure if this is true. Please do let me know if you have the answer. 

We headed to Hongdae after that because I want to go to Hello Kitty Cafe and Coffee Prince Cafe badly.. hopelessly!  I'm going to do a separate entry on the cafe after this post 

We were craving for halal food so Itaewon was next. We have been eating instant rice (bought from local store) with packed Brahim's (brought from Malaysia) We met bunch of Malaysians here. In fact most of the people we bumped into while doing some souvenir shopping was Malaysians hehehehehhehe. There were a lot of foreigners too. No wonder Itaewon is designated as "Special Tourism District" by Seoul.

How to get to Itaewon :
Itaewon Station (Line 6) Exit 1,2,3 or 4

A nice ahjussi that we met at Itaewon Station. I was sitting on the floor, studying the map while Dina & Ina went to the toilet.  He mistakenly thought that I am a beggar and put some coins on my map!!!  How could you ahjussi?? Hahahahahhaha
Itaewon Street

We had a quick meal at one of the kebab restaurant and off to Dongdaemun to visit 2 more places The Dongdaemun Gate and Cheonggyecheon Stream.

How to go to Dongdaemun :
Dongdaemun Station (Line 1 and 4) Exit 8 or 9
Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station (Line 2, 4 or 5) Exit 14

Seoul Dongdaemun Gate
Public performances
Finally the famous Cheonggyecheon Stream
This is my ugly foot. Look at the sunburn I got from Nami Island
Public performances
Dongdaemun market
In front of Doota Mall. It's open until 5.00am daily except on Sunday at 23.00pm. 
One last picture of Cheonggyecheon Stream and Dongdaemun Gate at night. 

We went back to our guest house straight after this. Packed our luggage and had an early night as our flight to Jeju the next morning will be at 6.55am by Jeju Air. We only bring 1 luggage and left the rest at the guest house because we are coming back here. 

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