Jeju Island - Day 1

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Note : This will be a long post with tons of pictures

Woke up super early that day. Our flight was at 6.55am and scheduled to land at 8.00am. I got our guest house to arrange the taxi to take us to Gimpo Airport the day before. Taxi fare from our Namsan Guest House to Gimpo Airport was KRW35,000.

Gimpo Airport waiting area
The queue to check in
Tired, sleepy, excited, happy all in one package

We reached Jeju Island as scheduled, collect our luggage and took a free shuttle bus to Avis office which is only 5 minutes away from the airport to collect our rental car.  We made a reservation from AVIS South Korea website 1 month ago.  All you need are the reservation slip, passport, driver's licence issued by your country home and international driver's licence.  No deposit or payment required upon reservation. All payment made at the Avis office upon collecting the car. You don't need to know Hangul to use the GPS. All you need to key in is the telephone number of the place you are going to.  Thus, it is very important to take the map from Avis office as all the telephone numbers are there. Very convenient! And not to worry because the GPS give instructions in english. 

We booked the smallest and cheapest car Kia  Morning 1000 /  Chevrolet Spark (which ever is available during the collection date). Total price was KRW41,000 including insurance and GPS for 1 days 11 hours. Very cheap!!!  I forgot to take any picture of the shuttle bus or Avis office.
This is the shuttle bus from airport to Avis office. This was in front of Avis office.
Picture courtesy of 
This is the office. Very good service with english speaking staff
Picture courtesy of
Our new ride.. PON!! PON!!
Studying the map and telephone number to key into the GPS to our next destination. 
Quick stop the convenience store for a quick breakfast.  Instant noodle and coffee for me
Teddy Bear Museum from Jeju-do :
Take an airport limousine No. 600.  Get off at Yeomiji Botanical Garden in Jungmun Sightseeing Complex.
Walk 5 minutes to the museum.

Operation Hours : 
9.00 - 20.00
9.00 - 22.00 (on high season July 18th - August 23rd)
Admission Fees:
Adult 7,000  Youth 6,000  Child 5,000

Disney bears
Marilyn Monroe
Lady D and Prince William

Hong Kong
Sexy teddy
Goong or Princess Hours!!!!! 

Part of the Goong / Princess Hours collection. This was the reason why I want to come here badly!!

Performance by Elvis kehkehkehkehkeh

There are tons of pictures from the museum and of course I'm not going to put them all here. But we had so much fun there.  If you have the change to visit Jeju Island, do come to Teddy Bear Museum and this is totally different from the one at Namsan Seoul Tower.

There a lot of places to visit at this Jungmun Resort so we walk around and ended up at the Chocolate Land.

I changed our rental car to this. JOKE!

You hurt me, Mr Teddy!
This was made by chocolate!

Coffee break

I want Starbucks like this!
We realized that it was time to check in so we left Jungmun Resort to our hotel. We checked in, had our quick lunch, freshen up and left to continue our journey.

The view from our hotel rooftop
Our hotel rooftop.
Having my maggie cup at the small kitchen on the rooftop
City view
Saeyeon-gyo Bridge
UNESCO Heritage : Shell Fossils of the Seogwipo Formation

Our next destination was the Oedolgae Rock. We key in the telephone number and park at the free open car park across the seaside. To get to this spot, we have to cross the main road and walk a bit because this rock is at the seashore.  This was where the story begin, I was quite sure we follow the signage but we actually walk to the wrong path and have no idea that we were going to a different directions. We had to walk into a small woods I would say but there were no sign of Oedolgae Rock! We continue walking and came across a beautiful scenery! Not long after we found the rock, but of course on a different view. From our spot I could see large crowd of tourist at the other side struggling to take photos and I was soooo relieved that we came by this different road trail.  We had our own sweet time taking photos because there were only us there.

I simply love that restaurant behind me
Off to the woods.We are looking for Oedolgae Rock but
 trust me this isn't look like what it says in the map
Look at what we found!  Serenity...
At last.. Oedolgae Rock! 
We still had time before dinner so we decided to go to Cheonjiyeon Falls because it is the only waterfall that open at night. So glad because this falls is really near to our hotel.

At the garden before we reach the waterfalls

The beautiful Cheonjiyeon Falls at dawn
That was it on the first day in Jeju Island.  It was a long day but we had fun. We only have 2 days in Jeju so we try to cover as much as possible all the interesting places to visit here. Our flight back to Seoul the next day is at 7.30pm.  We plan to check out right after breakfast continue our journey and head to the airport.

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