Tokyo - Day 2

by - 4:46 PM

We reached Shinjuku Station from Hakone quite early, so we decided to go around Shinjuku area.  Nothing much in Shinjuku for us to see so we won't be coming back to Shinjuku again.  

Small part of Shinjuku Station, the world's busiest transport hub 
Nat, Dina, me and Ina at the Shinjuku Station

Nat, Ina and I in Shinjuku
Shinjuku at night

After taking few photos in Shinjuku, we decided to go back to Roppongi to have our dinner and do some shopping.   There a lot of restaurants to choose from but we went to this small restaurant next to our apartment.

Roppongi Midtown at night

My rice with ikura and sprinkle of nori. I swear this was really good!
My friends had this vegetarian ramen. This was good too. 

Hard Rock Roppongi is just 10 minutes away from our apartment
Saw this in front of a famous club in Roppongi, Zoo Club

Rolls Royce weeee!!

At 24 hours Don Quijote store.  Look at the lashes behind me *fainted*

This is like a prepaid card to purchase any application from i-Tunes. Cool!!

I had a great time on our 2nd day.  We headed back to our apartment and took a good rest, getting ready for tomorrow's journey.  It will be another long day....  Have a great day everyone 

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