Tokyo Disneyland

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Note : This post contains tons of photos that will make you vomit!

It's D.I.S.N.E.Y day!!!  We were looking forward to this day ever since we booked our flight ticket. Decided to get to the entrance once it's open, we only had onagiri and coffee on our way to the train station.  

Nothing much to say in this post. We took tons of pictures of course.  We tried to get into as many rides as possible but didn't manage to experience all as the queue was insane.  The 4D movie is exactly the same with Hong Kong Disney but  there were 3 parades here.. Awesome!!!  We almost turn into ice cube during the night parade because the temperature was 1C that night...  The only thing that disappoint me is the fireworks. Hong Kong Disney's firework are much much much much better because it came from above the castle and it was absolutely beautiful!

How to get to Tokyo Disney
Get to Keikyo Line and stop at Maihama Station. From there walk straight to the parks.

My Disney look of the day hahahhahahaha

A dream came true

Me the Cinderella... Yes? No?? hahahahhaa

Tokyo Disney's fireworks

Hong Kong Disney's firework. This was taken using Ina's Blackberry as we didn't own any dslr at that time

We went back to Roppongi to have our late dinner. Did some final shopping and squeezed packed our luggage as our flight back to Kuala Lumpur is on the next day.  Sob sob I don't wanna go home!!!

Cold raw tofu. The best tofu I've ever tasted

Hard boiled egg ramen

Spicy ramen. Luckily I didn't order this

Crispy vegetarian ramen that turn out to be like a yee mee in Malaysia hahahahahahha

Fried octopus

After did some packing,we went out at around 1.00 am to the 24 hours Don Quijote and shop until around 3.30am.  We were so surprised to see that most of the ramen shop, restaurant still open at 3.00 am!!  Roppongi never sleep I guees.. That was it for our fifth day in Japan.  Tomorrow morning we plan to visit Kamakura which is around 30 minutes away from Tokyo.

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