Tokyo - Day 3

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Note : This will be a long post with tons of pictures

There are so many places to visit in Tokyo alone but we only have around 5 full days so we compressed as much as we can in 1 day.  I'll try my best to make it short.  

As usual our day start very early, I woke up at 6.30am everyday to get ready.  There were 5 of us to share 1 bathroom somebody definitely have to sacrifice hahahahhahaha
3rd day itinerary consist of :
 Ameyoko Street




Above : Ina, Dina and I in the train to Ueno Station.  Below : Me purchasing  the ticket.  Nat and I posing at a books vending machine.  Cool!!

How to go to Ameyoko Street
Take Ginza Line to Ueno Station.  Ameyoko Street is along the Ueno Station to Okachimachi Station

The reason why we (well it was me, Ina and Nat obviously as Heyrown does not take any raw food) want to go to Ameyoko because we want to buy fresh salmon   

I'm excited!
Look at that cheap tobiko.. I want them all

We bought this unagi at 1000 yen ((RM40) only. Very cheap!!!!

Snow crab

Octopus. Not sure if they put any colouring to make it red
Salmon! But we didn't get this one. We bought 1 whole fish
I wanted to buy uni / urchin badly but nobody seems understand what I want.  I  think this is uni but I have doubt because they are quite big.  We end up bought a tub of ikura next to it. Can you see the ikura? 

We got excited after we bought the salmon for only 1000 yen (RM40) and totally forgotten to take any picture of it.  Can you see the salmon in this picture? Something like that but bigger and the one that we bought was a whole fish. How great!
Stop to buy green tea matcha, wasabi and soy sauce
Dessert break
We proceed to Asakusa next to visit Sensoji Temple and Nakamise Shopping Street.  Few friends recommended to buy souvenirs from Nakamise Street.

With few oba-chan in kimono
Asahi Beer Tower in Asakusa

Random girls in kimono
The famous gate before entering Nakamise Street

Nakamise Shopping Street
An ojisan making Japanese traditional dessert

Sensoji Temple

Tokyo Sky Tree 
We proceed to Akihabara after that, seriously exhausted.

Akihabara, the electronic world
Look at what we saw on our way back!!!

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