Tokyo - Day 4

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It's already day 4! 2 more days left before our short holiday ends.  How sad.. We should be here for 6 months maybe? Hahahahahah dream on Witha..

Our breakfast.. Words can describe how yummy and fresh these food were
Vending machines that we saw at the station
Ina, Dina and I at the entrance of Meiji Shrine. We skipped this shrine anyway
Guess where is this??
It is the beautiful Yoyogi Park

How to go to Yoyogi Park
Get to Chidoya Line and stop at Harajuku Meiji-Jingumae.  Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park are few minutes away from that station.

Bye bye Yoyogi Park!

Tako.. In Japan there is only octopus filling with green onion and cheese. Nothing else
Dina, Nat and I in front of Harajuku Station

Takashita Dori
Two of my favourite shop Tutuanna and Liz Lisa
Don't forget to try Angels Heart crepe if you are in Harajuku.  The line was insane but worth it

Cosplay and Lolitas spotted along Takashita Dori, Harajuku

They are so pretty and friendly

How to get to Takashita Dori / Harajuku :
Opposite  Harajuku Meiji-Jingumae Station

With Hachiko at Shibuya 

At the famous Shibuya scramble crossing
On your mark, get set.........................


Eh we saw a lot of Lolitas queuing in front of this shop.  Must be something..

Finally it's dinner time!! My uni (sea urchin) and my fav otoro (tuna belly)

Easy to order with english menu. Tako (octopus), maguro (tuna) sushi and unagi

How to go to Shibuya :
Get to Ginza Line or Hanzomon Line and stop at Shibuya Station.  I exit at Hachiko Exit

We decided to visit Odaiba that night since it was still early.  I think this was the coolest night in Tokyo. maybe because Odaiba is a man made island.  Bbrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

How to go to Obaida :
There are few ways to get to Obaida. 
We get to Ginza Line or Asakusa Line and stop at Shimbashi Station.  From there, we took Yurikamome an automated, elevated train to Daiba 

Rainbow Bridge Odaiba

Having our dinner outside might be the foolish things to.  We were freezing like ;%$#!  Btw, that lamp post at our table is actually a heater.  It didn't help at all that night

Brilliant move, we shifted inside

Can't survive long at Obaida, we decided to leave after dinner.  We need a good rest because tomorrow will be a long day at Tokyo Disneyland.  Until the next post..

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