Tokyo - Day 6

by - 8:56 PM

Ouchhh this was our very last day in Japan... Sob sob sob..  Our flight was at 11.30 pm which means we have more than 12 hours to visit a few places before we head to the airport.  I Whatsapp our kind  and helpful host Mink asking is there any chance for us leave our luggage at the apartment.  She was kind enough to let us have the apartment until 6.00 pm . Yahoooo!!

On our way to Tokyo Tower

She is sooooooo pretty!!!

One of the view from Tokyo Tower

The famous Tokyo Banana.  Too sweet for me though

We went back to Roppongi

I'm at Roppongi Hills! I really want to see this big spider

Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills

View from our apartment balcony.  We rarely came to the balcony because it was freaking cold

Haneda Airport

This was insane! We have to repacked our luggage because we knew that they are going to exceed the weight limit

Hanede Airport


Bye bye Japan!! I'm going to miss you definitely..........

Finally this is the end of my Japan post.  I had a great time here. I've not been to many country but personally I think Japan is very different from other country I've visited.  The most civilized, advance in technology and the most clean country I've ever been to. The people are very very helpful and trustworthy.  I was amazed by how helpful they were. But this is only my personal opinion..  I would love to go to Seoul, Hong Kong, Guilin and Yangshou again in the future but I definitely want to live in Japan!  Hahahhahahaha dream on Witha

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