What I love..

by - 11:17 AM

This entry is inspired by Ashley from Mommy.. A work in Progress I really really love her LOVE entry and decided to write mine today.

I love.....Sunday breakfast with my family
I love.....watching movies on Saturday before taking an afternoon nap
I love.....trying out new places to hang out 

I love.....my Clarisonic Mia
I love.....trying out new make up tutorial even it always turned out bad on me every time hahaha!!
I love.....shoes especially high heels

I love.....watching the rain drops from my window
I love.....flowers and always hope we have spring here
I love.....to burn my scented candle 1 hour before I go to bed every night

I love.....to eat. I have a long list of my favorite food LOL!
I love.....to start my busy day with a cup of vanilla latte
I love.....to read blogs. The tutorial inspired me, the recipes made me drool, the daily blog always made my day.

I love.....reading. That is what I do on my past time
I love.....to travel. I wish I have 365 days of annual leave a year!
I love.....the color pink so much, badly, hopelessly

I love.....my family. Who doesn't? Heheehheheheh
I love.....my friends. Hanging out with them at least once a week is a must
I love.....my twitter family, my FB friends and my blogger friends

I have so many things that I love, I don't think it will all fit in this entry.  I always believe that there is so much in this life to love rather than to hate. Fill your life and heart with loves and this world will be a better place to live in..

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