Siem Reap - Random photos

by - 9:00 AM

This is gonna be a long post with tons of pictures. So roll up your sleeves and read on :D

Getting my nails done
One of the landmines victim. We bought several books from him
At Angkor Night Market. Pretty good deals here
At the Silk Worm farm
Learned how the Cambodian weaved their silk
Every day traffic in Siem Reap
In front of the mall
At Artisan Angkor, famous souvenir spot for tourists
Known as "Pub Street" This is a tourists spot where you can find bars and western restaurants
Traditional performance while we had our dinner at one of the restaurant at Pub Street
Told ya I had plenty of time to kill hahahhaha
Love this place. Owh I got that dress from the night market :D
Ok that brown things were actually FRIED COCKROACH!!! *fainted*
Final pose at the hotel before we departed to the airport
Final pose before I boarded our flight. Bye bye Siem Reap!! Hope to come to Cambodia again.         Maybe to Phnom Pehn next time :D

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