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Too bad we only had 1 day in Yogja. We actually don't know that we can go and visit Yogya by train from Jakarta until our maid told us. She saw me doing our itinerary and was very kind to inform me. I knew this will be tough. We only have 5 full days but we want to go to Bandung & Yogja. I had to redo my itinerary accordingly, rearranged everything so that Yogja can fit into our itinerary. I booked the whole 5 days accommodation in Jakarta, what a waste!  I've learned my lesson well, for the next trip I did a research about the nearby cities and decide if I want to visit them before I book or plan anything.

This is called becak / cycle rickshaw
I bought that hat for Rp10,000 at Borobudur.
Keraton city
Another mode of transportation in Yogja. It is called Andong
Back to the train station

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