Yogjakarta - Borobudur

by - 9:00 AM

At 4.47am we arrived safely at Yogjakarta. Since it was still very early, we killed our time by freshen up at the nearby bathroom and had our breakfast there.  I was quite surprised because the bathroom was very clean and I grabbed the opportunity to actually took a shower there :D

At Tugu Station, Yogjakarta
We planned to visit Borobudur which is situated around 2 hours away (by car).  Borobudur was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site We need to take an intra-city bus from Jalan Malioboro to Terminal Jombol. Bus fare should be only Rp3,000 per person but we got cheated by the bus conductor. He collected Rp5,000 from each of us. From Terminal Jombol, we need to take another bus to get to Borobudur terminal bus. Bus fare should not be more than Rp15,000. The entrance is only 5 mins away from the bus terminal.

At the Borobudur ticket office
Entrance fee for tourist is Rp135,000 and Rp17,500 for local. The ticket office was air-conditioned and filled with nice furnishings like large comfortable leather sofas. Compared that to the rugged ticket booths where the locals queue up under the hot sun. That is how well tourists are treated in these 'World Heritage Sites'

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