Pink Saturday

by - 4:25 PM

I've been quite busy over the weekend, I don't have the time to post anything on my blog. But life is back on track now. I had a great buffet breakfast session with my friends last Saturday at Souled Out Ampang The breakfast was on Kyra and Areteam. So sweet of them, thank you so much!!

Thank you Kyra!

After the delicious breakfast, we decided to head off to Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2012 that was held at Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur. Please excuse the blurry pictures because I took them all using my mobile phone.  There were quite a big crowd of people and I kept trying on the shoes that I found very inconvenient to use my camera.

This was hand painted and waterproof

A giant shoe that caught everyone's attention

Here's some from Jimmy Choo

Here's some with funky and creative design

I really hope more brands will participate in this Shoe Festival next year because my favourite brands was not there.

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