My Lazy Sunday

by - 2:46 PM

I was very tired from my birthday dinner celebration and night outing with my friends on Saturday night that I decided to just have my lunch at any restaurant at the hotel before I go home. After checking out and settled the room bills, I headed out to check Vogue Cafe if there are still available table for us. Unfortunately, Vogue were fully booked because they were hosting an Easter Sunday!
I walk frustratedly to a Japanese restaurant called Sagano on the 1st floor. I love Japanese food, I always do and it's a must to have Japanese food at least once a month. But after having dozen of fresh oysters, sushi and sashimi on the night before, Japanese food will be the last thing on my mind that afternoon. 

Look my tired face and those eye bags. I looked like a panda! LOL!
Clam soup
1st plate
Chawan Mushi
2nd plate
I want a balloon too!

I went straight home after that with my eyes half opened.

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