Hong Kong Disneyland

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Sorry girls, I've been missing a few days because I'm down with fever, flu and cough. I am a lot better now and will continue blogging today.  

Continuing from my previous travel diary, I'm writing about my experienced in Hongkong Disneyland today. Hongkong Disneyland is located on Lantau and is accessible via few transportation options. I choose to go by MTR. 

By MTR Resort Line

Travel on the railway network of MTR and interchange for the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay Station.
  • Only 23 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport, MTR Airport station,
  • 30 minutes from MTR Kowloon station 
  • 33 minutes from MTR Hong Kong station where Guests can pick up Park Tickets too. More info here
Check out the route map at the MTR website.

Operating Hours between Sunny Bay and Disneyland Resort Station
From Sunny Bay: from 6:15am - 12:45am the following day
From Disneyland Resort Station: from 6:20am - 12:40am the following day

Frequency4 - 10 minutes
For more information about fare and the train services, please visit the MTR website

Disneyland Resort Line
We arrived quite early and managed to get the entrance ticket from the ticket booth. Lucky us because some locals said we need to buy the ticket at least 1 day before.
The entrance tickets
According to Ina, HK Disney is quite small compare to Euro Disneyland in Paris. She have been to Euro   Disney before. I've never been to any so I can't comment much. But I'm truly excited!
Us with Goofy!
The best shot I can get. There were people everywhere :D
While waiting for the parade

I had a great time there. 1 full day seems not enough for me because there were so many things to explore. I really hope I will have the chance to go to other disneyland. Looking forward to my Japan trip on this coming December. Tokyo Disney is in my itinerary.

*Note : For more details / infos you can refer to Hongkong Disneyland Website

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