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We had a great dinner last night at a korean restaurant Koryo-Won, The Gardens.  It's at level 2, just next to Boarders.  Friendly staff greated us the moment we entered and they assisted us with the seating.  At first, we don't really know what to order because there are so many choices from the menu and we feel like trying everything.  At last, after a long thought we ordered marinated beef rib BBQ, shabu-shabu and korean seafood fried rice.  In this restaurant, they have the stove in front of us and the staff helped us to bbq the beef. The bbq came with 9 side dishes which consist kimchi, (*kimchi is a traditional korean dish made with pickled cabbage in chilli powder) salad, bean sprout, anchovies, spicy sausage, fruit salad, pickled salad, spinach and a kind of root (I can't remember what is it call but I don't really like the taste).  The side dishes were refillable. We really love the juicy and tender beef.
BBQ rib

The seafood fried rice is not bad too. We asked for non-spicy because it is for Dina. One thing good about korean's rice is that you don't feel it's too filling eventhough the texture is sticky. Shabu-shabu is a soup with noodle, vegetables, tofu and beef. It was  really nice but it was quite and  it had strong white pepper taste in it.

the side dishes


We will definately come again next time. We really love the services provided by the staff and of course the foods are all nice and delicious.

^hug hug^ witha

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