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I'm a Lancome loyal customer for 4 years now. I used Clinique for 6 years before switching to Lancome. So far very good, sangat berpuas hati. What I wanna share today is the make up remover. I'm using the Blanc Expert range. Lancome's come in a bottle of 400ml (yes very big bottle) have a nice smell, very very smooth milky texture. It cleans the make up on my face like magic. But 1 thing that been bothering me is that it didn't work too well to clean my mascara or eyeliner.  Bukanlah tak hilang langsung but I need to clean on my eyes area  few times. Itupun kadang2 still ada sikit2 kat bawah mata esp when I used mascara. 

Recently, I went to bodyshop to renew my membership.  They gave me a sample of their Camomile Eye make up remover (60ml).  Memula macam rasa tak mau cuba pun, then tak tahu kenapa 1 day I decided to try.  Wow, superb!! It cleaned my mascara & eyeliner on 2 wipes. Botol kecik je, tapi kecik2 cili padi. It's a clear water with mild smell.  I know its not fair to compare them sbb that Bodyshop make up remover is special for eyes. No wonderlah sangat berkesan kan. Lancome remover tu for face & eyes. And I have to admit it cleans my face superbly for the past 4 years. So now, I will use the Camomile Remover on my eyes first if I have mascara or eyeliner on, followed by Lancome remover on my whole face and neck. 
Bodyshop vs Lancome

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