M.A.C Upstarts : Well Prepared Set

by - 10:16 PM

Holla..! I wanna share something today. A very very good bargain. I went to MAC couple  of weeks ago and spotted their new  MAC Upstarts : Well Prepared set. OMG its only RM190!!  There are 2 more sets  offered by MAC. 1 is the eyes set kot. Ada mascara, mascara base, eyeliner & eye make up remover . Another 1 is the skin highlighter set and I really can't remember what are the items. My focus that time kat set ni je. Really worth it sbb this set contains :

1. Cleanse Off Oil - Its an oil base make up remover. To be honest, I haven't try this yet as I'm usually allergic to oil base product.
2. Fix+ Skin Refresher/ Finishing Mist - Spray evenly after cleanser (before toner)  & after finishing powder to refreshes our skin.
3. Prep+Prime : Skin Base Visage  -   Apply this as a make up base. Primer is use to hold our make up longer.
4. Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder - Apply this after concealer & foundation to set your foundation. Boleh jugak guna on our bared moisturized skin to give our skin flawless finish.

Why did I said its a good bargain? Because usually the Prep+Prime : Skin Base Visage alone will cost RM100. So RM190 for 4 items are considered cheap kan? So hurry to the nearest MAC store to grab this sets! But I really not sure if the offer still ada ke tak tau.

M.A.C Upstarts : Well Prepared Set

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