Bali - Day 3

by - 8:36 PM

We started our day very early on the 3rd day because Sukawati Market was on our itinerary. Sukawati Market offered some of the cheapest and better quality goods compared to other shopping venues in Bali.

Operation hours : 9.00am - 5.00pm
Tips : Go to the market as early as possible and be their first customer to get the cheapest price. They belief that the first customer is a sign of good luck and they will try their hard to gain the first customer of the day.

Inside Pasar Sukawati
We proceed to Nusa Dua Beach after lunch
Nusa Dua Beach
In front of one of the temple at Nusa Dua Beach. Temple is known as Pura in Bali
Nice view of the beach. 
I got to stop now to run some errands. I'm gonna continue about Tanah Lot in my next entry.

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