Bali - Day 1 and 2

by - 4:08 PM

I was browsing through my external hard disk when I came across my holiday's photo. Maybe I should blog this. It's been few years when I visited Bali but by looking at these photos, my heart glow. Warning : There will be tons of photos LOL! I almost forgot the name of the places and details on this trip which that is why I think I should blog all my holidays so that I can remember them still..

Hard Rock Cafe Bali. Hehehehe my hair was curly back then :D

At the entrance to watch Barong Dance
Barong Dance a traditional Balinese story-telling dance.

Us with the Barong Dancers. Look at their traditional costume. Aren't they colorful?
I was holding a brooch made by silver.
Bali is famous for their paintings.
Another painting that caught my eyes.

Us with our tour guide at one of the tea plantation. Coffee was served for free here :D
I think I should stop here. I will post more photos and places from Bali in another entry. Have a nice Monday!

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