My Skin Care Essentials : New Zealand Trip

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I usually get very excited and tend to pack at least 1 week before any of my trip (exclude my recent Jakarta trip!)  What I pack primarily depends on where I'm staying, duration of the stay, nature of the stay, the climate as each factor demand different things especially for my skin and hair.  As a make up junkie I wish I could bring my entire collection but alas, I just can't!  I brought very minimum this time.  I focused more on the skin care because it will be the end of winter and beginning of spring in New Zealand.  Going from summer, tropical, humid and blatantly hot in Malaysia to the cold and dry weather, I want my skin to stay moist.

I'm giving my skin care skill packing for this trip two thumbs up!! No sensitivity, no zit, no flakes. I did pretty well in overdoing the AM and PM layers on my face hehehehehehe..

Biore Make Up Remover Wipes
I were first introduced to this makeup wipes was during my visit to Japan.  I fell in love ever since. It removes my waterproof eyeliner and mascara easily and very handy for travelling.  

Clarins Foaming Cleanser 
This is not my routine cleanser and was the very first time trying it.  Got this as a birthday gift from a friend and thought the size is perfect for travelling as I'm running out of my travel-size routine cleanser.  It did extremely well and didn't dry out my skin. 

Lancome Exfoliating Clarifying Gel
Been using this facial scrubs for years and it slough off my dull skin layers.   

Lancome Hydrating Lotion / Toner
My to go toner

Clarins Brightening Hydration Emulsion
I should have use something more intensive which I don't have so I decided to double layered my moisturiser to survive the cold weather.

Beaubelle Vital H2O
This was a last minute decision but I'm glad I grabbed it. I applied the Clarins Hydration Emulsion followed by this everyday during my holiday.

Lancome Blanc Expert Derm Crystal Serum
This is my normal PM routine. I will apply this alternately with the Activating Concentrate before my moisturiser

Lancome Youth Activating Concentrate
My normal PM routine

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil
I swear by this! One of my favourite multi-tasking product. This oil helped my skin a lot during the cold dry weather. I also apply this to my hair and cuticles.

Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment
This is my to go eye cream and been using this before bed every day.

Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield SPF 50+++ PA
My normal AM routine.  Never leave out the sunscreen. Even it is cold, the rays never change.  I need to protect my skin from the UV rays especially in high elevations. 

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
I apply this once every 3 days during my trip because I was scared that the Maracuja Oil will make me breakout.

Among all, my lips are the easiest to get dry and flaky so I apply this in the PM before going to bed. Been practising this even in Malaysia.

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
This is my to go and must have lip balm.  I always apply this alone or under my lipstick.

Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil
This was the only things that working on my dry hands and legs.  I'm glad I brought this along. 

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