Yangshuo - Day 1

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My Guilin and Yangshuo trip were back in 2011 and booked months earlier during the AirAsia Zero Fair Promotion. It was at the end winter during our stay there and I don't think we even notice the season upon booking.  All I can remember was a kiasu woman trying to get the cheapest fare!!

Sorry, this post came very late. Whenever I started to write about this trip (Yangshuo especially) I am having a problem in selecting the photos.  Yangshuo is a very beautiful place with a spectacular view that I wish I could share every photo here (which I couldn't, obviously).

On 14th February 2011, We arrived Liangjiang International Airport in Guilin at 10.40am from Kuala Lumpur. Immediately after immigration checkpoint and baggage claims, we took the Aiport Shuttle Bus to downtown Guilin. The fees were 20RMB per person.

In my itinerary, I planned to take the 90mins train to Yangshuo from Guilin Railway Station but Little Dina almost can't stand the cold weather.  If we proceed with the plan, more walking activity will involve thus, we choose to engage a tour agent to take us to Yangshuo.

The package inclusive of:-
1 transfer to Yangshuo city
Li River tour (Yangdi - Xingping Scenic Area,)
Shangri-La Park
Old Folks Village + Liu Sanjie Bridge tour
1 transfer back to our hotel

I'm not a fan of any tour package and rarely taking any tours unless we were left with zero choice. I hate the tense and rush in a tour package. In this situation, we were so worried about Dina.  She needs some time to adapt to the weather. 

On random street in Guilin while waiting for the van to arrive
Dina refused to come out from the shop because she couldn't stand the coldness.
It was around 4C and her first-time experiencing cold weather.  Can't blame her.

Li River Tour (Yangdi - Xingping Scenic Area)

Yay, we finally here at the beautiful Li River, the main reason for this trip.

Pit stop for photography session

I will never resist this view

Shangri- La Park

After the Li River tour, we continue to Shangri-La Park, the ethnic theme park. This park was not in my original itinerary but since the tour included this in the package, we don't mind at all. In fact, I'm glad we were here. 

"Shangri-La Guilin is located 15 km north of Yangshuo and 50 km south of Guilin city. It is a nature park build inside a lake. The park is not particular big, nor is the lake. The buildings in the park are primarily Miao and Dong, two minorities who mostly live more north of Guilin then in this area.

You can take a boat to cross the lake and visit a cave and a forest of peach trees. According to the legend, there was a poet who called this place Shangri-La Guilin. Inside Shangri-La, there are folks performances of Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang minorities). On the way out there are souvenir shops and you can get snacks and drinks (not cheap!)."

Getting there and opening hours
Bus from Guilin or Yangshuo 7RMB per way.
If you depart from Guilin, take a bus heading to Yangshuo at the square front of the Guilin Railway Station and get off at the Shangri-La scenic spot located near to Baisha Town. 1-hour journey.
If you depart from Yangshuo, take a bus at the exit of Yangshuo Bus Station and get off at the spot. 20 mins journey.

Entry Fee: 60RMB
Operation Hours: 8.30am - 5.30pm daily

The entrance

The tour boat

Weaving their own clothes
Drying the meat for the cold season
One of my favourite photo

Old Folks Village 

Their daily activity

I wonder how old is this grandmother

Liu Sanjie Bridge

This is the bridge that featured in Liu Sanjie film
Can I ride those bamboo raft?
That was the end of our tour that day. The driver drove to Yangshuo and dropped us at our hotel for check-in.  The journey was smooth and I really enjoyed the scenery.

I'll make a separate entry about our hotel in Yangshuo.

Have a great day everyone!!

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