Vientiane - Part 1

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Vientiane or Laos have been never on my travel list before and I still remember how I reacted when Ina suggested that we go to Vientiane for the next holiday. I was quite reluctant at first because I thought there will be nothing much to see or the food could be lousy and all other negative things that I can think of. But I was wrong!!! Shame on me.  

I had one of the best holidays in Vientiane.  The food was really really nice, the accommodation was superb and Laotian were so warm and friendly.  I had the real "holiday" in Vientiane!  

Due to time constraint, I will write only about our accommodation in this entry.  

Wattay International Airport
Laotian in their traditional clothes 
We reached Wattay International Airport at around 9.10 am.  After the immigration check that took only around 10 mins, we proceed to the main terminal building.  The airport is very small and as soon as we reached the arrival hall, we can see the taxi counter next to the exit door. 

I booked Mandala Boutique Hotel because of the great reviews on the Tripadvisor.  I was relieved because the taxi driver has no problem in finding this hotel.

Mandala is more like a bungalow or mansion rather than a hotel to me. I felt in love the moment I saw the photos on the website and decided to proceed with the booking.

Mandala has 2 type of Suite Room, 1 with a patio and 1 with a balcony. I really really want to experience both. So upon check-in, I asked the receptionist if I can experience both rooms during my short stay here and to my surprise without hesitation she said "Yes you can." with a smile on her face. Yeayyyyy!! 

Can you see the balcony? That's the room I stayed on our 2nd night onward
This was taken on my final morning here
This beautiful receptionist was the most helpful, attentive and friendly I ever encountered.
The cozy lobby where you can spend your time chilling or reading here

On the first night, we stayed in the Suite with Patio

Funny but true, my heart was stolen by this. And I had spent so much time here, reading

On the 2nd night onward, we moved to the Suite with Balcony
Nice deco along the corridor on the way to the room

Spacious living area which was way too big for us hehehehhe

The coffee house where we had breakfast every morning 
Tiny buffet spread  but their homemade yogurt was the bomb!! 

Hotel guest are allowed to ride these bicycle for free
Mandala at night

I have no regret at all visiting Vientiane.  There are actually a lot of nice places to visit here. For Buddhist, there are few famous temples here. In fact, I encountered many monks from other country visiting and praying at the temples. If you are planning to come to Vientiane, please include Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage City in your itinerary. I did not do a proper research thus we missed that chance. What a waste!

For more info on this hotel, please visit their website at

I will blog about the food and interesting places to visit in my next entry.

Have a great weekend!!

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