Keelung City, Taiwan

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Keelung City in the morning

Spelled as Keelung, pronouns as Jeelung by the locals.  I will squeeze everything in 1 post for Keelung. 

We left Taipei that very night upon our returning from Beitou.  I think I mentioned that we went to Shilin Night Market for final shopping on our way back.
We had a quick shower, check out and decided to go to Keelung by taxi.  The journey took around 2 hours and I felt asleep all the way. 

(As I'm blogging this post, I was shocked by the news of TransAsia Airways aircraft that crashed into a river in Taipei. The fuselage is now half-submerged in the Keelung River. What a coincidence..)

As per my itinerary, we will visit Jinguashi and Jiufen that day.  There are several way to go to Jinguashi and I decided we go by train from Keelung Train Station in the itinerary.  Upon checking with the hotel receptionist, we were informed that the bus stop to Jinguashi is only a few meters away from our hotel.  By bus it is!!!

Jinguashi - Gold Ecological Park

The view along the journey to Jinguashi

Before entering the mines

My favourite alley

Jiufen Old Street

Not my favourite as the place was packed!

Glass noodle soup
These are actually handmade music toy. My colleague asked me to get 2 for her son

We had dessert break at this restaurant. Really can't stand the heat and I felt suffocated as it was so crowded. Please avoid going to Jiufen during the weekend. Nothing much to see after that, we decided to go back to Keelung city earlier as planned.

I didn't even try this. I hate red beans

Over priced tiramisu

Keelung Miaokou Night Market

Keelung Night Market is famous for their seafood so we decided give it a try.  There are nearly 100 stalls to choose from and the crowd was 3 times than any night market in Taipei!!  We really had a hard time walking.


I nearly fainted when I saw those gigantic frogs!! hahahhahahahhaha

After a few consideration, we choose a decent stall operated by an old couple. They sell normal seafood, not the as exotic as we saw earlier.

All 5 dishes that cost us RM300++ !!! Damn expensive for a stall and the taste was so so only.  Not sure if that uncle purposely overcharged us as he knew we are the tourist.  That was it for that night. Would love to try any dessert but we were too full.

We check out after breakfast the next morning and took a taxi to the airport

Final pose in Keelung
Taipei International Airport

Bye Bye Taipei!!

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