Bath & Body Works in Nu Sentral !!

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Yes, you read it correct, Bath and Body Works has reached our country !!!  BBW stores are in the Lower Ground, Nu Sentral and Gurney Paragon Mall.  I was super duper excited when I heard about BBW coming to Malaysia and now they are here.

I wasn't able to go to the opening on 12th December and was so bumped out.  Since I have some spare time last night, I decided to pay them a visit because they are having quite a good promotion.

*Sorry for the low-quality photos. I totally forgot to bring my camera

Lower Ground, Nu Sentral

3 Wick Candle: RM78
Medium Candle: RM45
Mini Candle: RM20
They have not brought the candle holder yet.

They are having promotion 2 for RM30

Wallflowers promotion 2 for RM45 or 4 for RM85. You can mix the plug with the refills
Unfortunately, there are only 1 pattern plug available. I was hoping for any holiday pattern like Snowflake Nightlight,
 Baroque Snowflake, Skating Snowman.  But there wasn't any. Not even the Flower pattern.
Do not expect the full range refill scents or any holiday scents as it came in 4 to 5 scents only.

Eu De Toilette: RM120
Eu De Parfum:  RM120
Shimmer Mist:  RM62
Fragrance Mist: RM55
Body Lotion:  RM50
Body Cream:  RM50
Shower Gel:  RM50
Body Scrub:  RM62
Bubble Bath:  RM55
Promotion of Signature scent set of Shower Gel, Body Lotion a Body Mist 3 for RM120 
Scentportable Holder: RM20  Sadly it came in basic pattern as Black Magnet and Brushed Pewter
Others cute pattern or holiday pattern are nowhere to be seen. 
Refills:  RM12
Room Spray and  Mist: up to RM40

Autumn scents 3 wick

True Blue Spa range
Effervescent Foot Soak: RM62
Cracked Heel Treatment: RM78
Exfoliating Foot Scrub: RM62
Super Rich Foot Cream: up to RM75
Hand Lotion: up to RM75
Super Rich Hand Cream: RM45
60 Second Manicure Hand Scrub: RM50

Aromatherapy range :
Luxury Bath  : RM68
Body Wash    : up to RM55
Body Soak     : RM75
Body Bar       : RM30
Sugar Scrub   : RM62
Hand Soap     : RM25
Body Lotion  : up tp RM55
Body Mist     : RM62
Bath and Massage Oil : RM62
Body Shine Shampoo and Conditioner : RM45

Madness overload!  The Pocketbac Sanitizer is 3 for RM30 and Pocketbac holder are RM20 and RM30 each

Total damage
My small collection
Please do not expect the whole range or the holiday collections are here at the moment but being a store of 5 days old, I am satisfied as most of their signature scents are available.  Hoping more scents to come in, especially their all time favourite holiday scents Winter Candy Apple, Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel. Yummmyyyyyyy smells.. 

Till the next post.  Have a great day everyone!!!

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