Taipei - Day 2

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It'a a beautiful Tuesday morning and I'm just starting my day with a cup of milk tea.  I suddenly realized that I haven't been blogging for almost a month now.  I thought that maybe I've been quite busy lately but hello??? who doesn't? Honestly, I lost track on how I spend my day, everyday.  I don't know where all my time is gone.  24 hours in a day doesn't seem enough anymore and life seems to be moving too quickly.  Anywho.. I should stop blabbering and get to the business..

Woke up quite late on my 2nd day and had cup noodle and some biscuits for brunch.  I didn't plan to go out early because according to the locals shopping party in Taipei will only start around 12.00 noon!  I will to go to Xi Mending for lunch and milk tea before heading to Wu Fen Pu.  I also need to buy Bourjois foundation for Rachel and myself from SASA or Watson in Xi Mending

How to get to Xi Mending
Disembark at Ximen Station (blue line) The famous Xi Mending Street situated right after you exit the station.

My outfit on that day

Fried quail eggs

At Xi Mending.  People call this place "Shibuya" Taipei.  No offense ya, but to me, this is not even close to the real Shibuya in Tokyo.

Tempted to buy so many things here but I have to stay calm and relax. Always remember recommendation from the bloggers and locals.  Buy shoes only in Shilin Night Market and clothes from Wu Fen Pu because there are the places that will give you the cheapest price. Ok, ok! Shoes in Shilin Night Market, clothes from Wu Fen Pu, Shoes in Shilin Night Market, clothes from Wu Fen Pu, fuh fah fuh fah...

I ended up buying nothing except a few skin care product from Watson that are not available in Malaysia. The Bourjois hunting was a total fail too as they are out of stock both in SASA and Watson. Malaysia, why you don't have Bourjois one??? Even Vietnam carry that brand in their department store.  

How to get to Wu Fen Pu
Get to Houshanpi Station. Exit 4.  

It can be quite tricky and confusing after the exit.  I can't recall the exact direction to the Fashion Area. All I can remember is to go straight and cross the road upon exiting.  I followed bunch of people who I believe going to the same spot and I was totally right!  But not to worry, you won't get lost as there are signage to the Fashion Area.

This was the only picture taken on my first visit to Wu Fen Pu as I went crazy, jumping with joy and crying my eyes ball out the moment I saw this place.. Ok drama sangat!!  This place is sooooo amazeballsss..... Can't describe how suffered I was trying my level best to be rational.  Keep on reminding myself  "Today is only the second day and you have another 5 days to go. Money doesn't spurting out from the water tap. Shop wisely, you have a long to buy list."   But... hekkk ya!! I'm contributing to the economy and there is HSBC just across across our hotel!  *DIE*

It is 200% recommended to shop your clothes here in Wu Fen Pu.  The price is dirt cheap and even thought this is a wholesaler, customer are allowed to buy 1 piece at a time.  You will get even cheaper price if you purchase in bulk.  I found the shoes here are quite expensive. You can find the same design at much cheaper price in Shilin Night Market.

Went back to the hotel to keep our things and straighten our legs LOL!  We headed out to Xi Mending again to have our dinner.  I never knew that the street in Xi Mending will transform to a night market.  Lucky us!

First time trying the stinky tofu.  It wasn't bad at all.  In fact the tofu is very tasty and yummmeehhhh!!!!!!!!
I don't mind to try it again but the smell was so unpleasant.  

We bought this dessert because they were so cute and colourful.  It made from rice flour with red bean paste as the filling.  I don't fancy it so much though.

We left Xi Mending around 10 pm as there were nothing else to do except eating and  drinking. Try to avoid buying anything as I told earlier, they are more expensive compare to other places.  Looking forward to tomorrow because Taipei 101 is in the schedule!

I received few emails asking about the language used in Taipei.  I think it is best I shared it here.  I don't have any problem with the communication here in Taiwan or during my trip to China because our Dina speaks Mandarin. Dina is the interpreter and the one who do the talking everytime. But not to worry because the young Taiwanese do speak English very well.  Problem only with the elderly. Language or translator applications on your smart phone might be a help I think if you can't speak Mandarin.

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