Taipei - Day 1

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Finally I have time to blog about my trip to Taipei.  I have been super busy with my personal life, office work and house work I totally forgot to blog about this.
An advise for those who are travelling to Taipei, make sure you bring empty luggage!! 

Our flight to Taipei was at 9.15 am that day and as early as 7.00 am we were already there.  My initial plan was to have breakfast before we board but I ended up just watching Ina and Dina eating. I was excited perhaps?? 

My super comfy flight outfit
Our happy face
Our flight meal
Taoyuan International Airport

We landed safely at Taoyuan International Airport 2.00pm.  The airport is not as big as I expected.  Took a cab to our hotel. The traffic was really bad at that time. It took more than 1 hour to reach the hotel, I slept the entire journey. 

First thing to do once checked in : Went up to the rooftop and take photo!  Ina's attempt to capture Taipei 101 turned out good but not as she expected because the weather was gloomy.  We were told that summer is yet to come during our stay and guess what, I'm the happiest creature on earth!! Hahahahahahah I'm already tanned and being exposed under the sunlight is the last thing I want to do.  

Few snaps of our hotel room in Shangri-La Far Eastern Hotel Taipei.  The hospitality and location wise is excellent but the interior of the rooms are a bit old fashion in my opinion. The best thing about this room is that instead of wardrobe, it actually has a walk in closet.

We headed to Shilin Night Market 
The crowd in the mrt train

Balsam Pear juice with honey. I swear it tasted like bitter gourd.  Surprisingly Ina loves it

Deep fried squid
Deep fried milk
That was it my first day in Taipei.  We had a great time even on the first day.  Can't wait for the next day to come as this is my shopping trip.  I heard a lot of good things to buy in Taiwan especially shoes, skincare and clothes.

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