Taipei - Day 3

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I was down with slight fever on my 3rd day in Taipei so I decided to continue shopping later in the evening. Since I don't really have anything to do during the day, I offered to accompany Dina to the pool.   

Chilling by the pool
Dina enjoying the jacuzzi.  Jelly jelly but it was my fault after all. I purposely left my swimsuit at home thinking I might have no time to dip into the water.

At the hotel lobby. I'm all set to fill up my stomach and empty my wallet

That night, our friend Cheng Hui and her family decided to join us. Took a cab and we met up in front of Taipei 101.  Yeay we are going to Taipei 101!  Been waiting for this moment since we saw the photo when we booked Shangri-La.  They made this tower look so beautiful in the website.

The taxi fare was pretty cheap, TWD108 (around RM12). We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Momoya and discussed if we want to go up to the observatory deck.  But looking at the time, we have 2 more places to go, Wu Fenpu (again) and Raohe Night Market.  So we passed the observatory deck but I promised Ina that we will come again during the day.  Few minutes later, we were in a taxi heading to Wu Fenpu.


Ina managed to snap few photos before I went crazy.

Raohe Night Market is reachable by foot from Wu Fenpu so we walked there when we were done with our shopping.  

What else can I say?  All we did so far was eating, drinking and shopping.  We went to Tamsui and the fisherman wharf the day after.  Beitou was in our list too. Can't wait to share the beautiful photos of Beitou with you guys.  We went go to Keelung City which is 1 hour away from Taipei city on our 6th day.  I'm glad because beside shopping, we are able to experienced the beautiful side of Taiwan.. Till the next post!

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