Make Up Remover

by - 2:44 PM

I'm gonna take a break from Holiday / Travel entry today.  I'm in a mood to share about my holy grail make up remover.  Through out the years, I've been using and trying different products and I finally found few that I really love and one I will die without.

In case you are looking for a new make remover, maybe this entry will help you

I've been using Lancome Cleansing Fluid for years and it works great in removing my face make up.  I still need another product to remove my eye make up especially the water proof mascara and eyeliner.

2nd one is the Bioderma Micelle Solution.  I can't live without this.  It removed my make up like magic and works really well for water resistant make up.
So happy its available in Malaysia now.  I had to get it from Singapore and Hong Kong for the past few years.

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