Taipei - Day 5

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The day I've been waiting for was finally arrived!  Xinbeitou, a place that really caught my heart when I did my research on Taipei. 

Breakfast at Beitou Station.  Nothing can go wrong with milk tea and onigiri,
I my favourite when I'm in Taiwan.  I even bought back few bottles to Malaysia

How to get to Beitou :
The MRT red (Xindian-Danshui/Nanshijiao-Beitou) lines both stop at Beitou MRT station. From Beitou station a one-station branch line runs to Xin Beitou station, which is near the hot springs area.
From the Xinbeitou MRT station, you can either walk or take a bus to the nearby attractions.  We choose to walk as the weather was a bit chilly during our stay in Taipei.

Beitou Town
The guide map
The Hot Spring Museum. Free entrance and there were class going on in the hall

One of the public bath.  I can't remember how much is the entrance fee as I passed on this.

One of the beautiful building in Beitou Hot Spring Park 
Left a love note

Qinshui Park was developed as a hot spring resort by the Japanese during their occupation era on 1895 - 1945 and is known as Beitou Hot Springs Park now.  You can see beautiful European-Japanese style buildings everywhere.

Beitou Thermal Valley also known as Ghost Lake

This place remind me of Owakudani in Hakone, Japan
The greens around the park

We didn't stay long at the valley as I can't really stand the sulfuric atmosphere.  The springs here have the highest temperatures of any in the Datunshan Volcano Group. Well, that's what Mr Google said :D  We stopped at the souvenirs shop inside the Thermal Valley to buy something for families and friends, had an ice-cream on our way back to Beitou Town.

Our next destination was Zhuzihu, the field of white calla lily flowers. Situated within Yangmingshan National Park in Taipei City, Zhuzihu Scenic Spot is at the intersection of Zhuzi Lake and Yangjin Highway.

How to go to Zhuzihu :
By bus :  Take bus route red 5(紅5), 109 to reach Zhuzihu directly

I never had the feeling to get a nice cup of hot latte at as much as when I saw this.  Not sure why

Would like to share a video on the journey to the mountain but I hope you guys don't get dizzy.  This one is pretty decent actually compared to others. The bus ride was quite rough and I felt like we were on a roller coaster ride. We survived the bloody murder bus ride eventually and the scenery was spectacular! Those photos didn't do them justice thought.  The real experienced was way more beautiful than what captured. I'm glad we included Zhuzihu in our itinerary.


Those shoes are only RM18!  They are definitely coming back with us

We caught the bus back to Beitou Town at the same exact bus stop we disembarked earlier.  Bought our early dinner at Family Mart and had them at Starbucks in Beitou.  We decided to head to Shilin Night Market after that for some last minutes shopping.  By this time, I will vomit blood if I see another night market. Toooooo much of night market!!

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