My Birthday Diary

by - 11:01 PM

It was my birthday yesterday, 11th March  photo rsd20f019.png  but  my friends surprised me with a birthday dinner on 10th March, coffee session on 11th night and a small celebration in the office today.  I hadn't had a clue they were planning this for me, I'm touched!  

My super  photo 20071210_49b8c6360f335de64720uZFJIe5DsVnm.png birthday cuppies!! 

Thank you so much guys!!  
My girls at work!

I didn't snap any picture during our session but thanks to Markkus and Chua for their precious time. Thank you so much friends for your kind thought, time and presents yeay!!  photo rsd20y0030.png  I really appreciate it and can't thank you guys enough. May God bless you all. I'm a happy bear today
 photo 193.png

Icons credit : Afeeqah

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