February Highlights

by - 11:08 PM

Hello March!! You are my most favourite month of the year, yipeee!!!  photo tumblr_inline_mi8c5zZBnE1roozkr.gif  Can't say why, but I have a good reason for loving March dearly.  Anyhow, I'm bidding goodbye to February 2013 with this entry.

Trip to Kedah
Noodle Soup (Meehon Sup Utara)
My favourite cendol 
Dinner with my cherries

Dinner at Ben's

Fixing my salmon sashimi crave  photo fish2-red.gif

BM Chinese New Year Luncheon 2013
Part of 11 roasted lamb.. Yummylicious!!

Ok, I know this looks like food posting but I love to eat!  photo tumblr_mbamoeqhCS1qdlkyg.gif

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