Mariposa Palette from Urban Decay

by - 2:10 PM

There are so many eyes shadow palettes last holiday season that I had a hard time to resist on buying. One of my holiday make up haul last season was Mariposa palette from Urban Decay.   When we asked Rachel’s aunty to purchase some items for us from Sephora in LA, I should have bought this. But I did not, only Rachel purchased this palette. I feel in love the moment Rachel show it to me but this palette was still not available in Malaysia. I had to wait for almost 2 months to get it and I am soooo glad I have it now.

When it comes into packaging, this Mariposa palette catches my eyes. Housed in a butterfly embossed tinted case, it really pretty & feminine.  There are 10 eyes shadows in this palette, from neutrals to bright colours with 1 small a brush in it.

Shades included:
Rockstar : dark metallic eggplant
Gunmetal : dark grey with silver glitter
Skimp : ivory shimmer
Infamous : Magenta shimmer (Mariposa exclusive)
Wreckage : taupe shimmer (Mariposa exclusive)
Haight : dark teal with shimmer
Money : pale green with grey undertone shimmer
Mushroom : grey shimmer with brown undertone
Spotlight : medium taupe shimmer (Mariposa exclusive)
Limelight : medium gold shimmer (Mariposa exclusive) very similar to Baked & Half Baked

 With flash

 Without flash / natural lighting

The swatches on medium skin, with flash. From left to right Rocktar, Gunmetal, Skimp, Infamous, Wreckage, Haight, Money, Mushroom, Spotlight & Limelight

My favourite from this palette are Rockstar, Spotlight & Limelight and I’ve been using this palette for almost every day since I purchased it.  Because of the range of colours are from neutral to bright, it makes this palette my first choice to carry with me when I travel. The Mariposa Palette is priced at RM135, available exclusively at Sephora.

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