Nami Island - Part 1

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I'm super excited that morning. "We are going to Nami Island!!" I said to myself.  We bought the shuttle bus ticket to Nami Island at Nami Island Seoul Centre Office in Insadong a day before because I read somewhere on the internet, that the bus ticket usually sold out especially on weekends or public holidays. Please note that there are few ways to get to Nami Island and I choose by shuttle bus

How to go Nami Islan Seoul Centre in Insadong :
Just walk along the Insadong street until you see this building

I didn't take any picture of the office. These pictures are taken from

Shuttle Bus Ticket fare:
One way bus fare - 7,500 won (adult) 5,500 won (children)
Roundtrip bus fare - 15,000 won (adult) 11,000 (won)
Roundtrip bus + ferry + admission - 21,000 won
*Call Nami Island Seoul Center for reservation  or more info : +82-02-753-1247 

The shuttle departed at 9.30am sharp from Tapgol Park / Pagoda Park in Insadong the next morning. Thank God we bought our tickets earlier because few people failed to board the bus as it was fully booked that morning. 

How to go to Tapgol Park / Pagoda Park
By subway : Get off at Jongno 3 (sam)-ga Station line 5. Exit 5. Walk towards Jonggak

Tapgol Park where I boarded the shuttle bus

The shuttle but stopped at Gapyeong Wharf and we boarded a ferry to Nami Island. I can't remember exactly how long was the journey from Insadong to Gapyeong Wharf but if I'm not mistaken it was around 2 hours. (Please correct me if I'm wrong  photo 001gif.gif)

Gapyeong Wharf
The ferry to Naminara which runs every 30 mins and took 5 mins to Nami Island
Nami Island from far
Click click  photo rsd20055.png
Finally I'm here!!!

I think I have to end this entry here because it's getting late and I have a lot of things/info/pictures to share. I will continue soon.  Wishing everyone a  photo j8a.png

Icons credit : Afeeqah

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