Namsan Seoul Tower

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Remember I told you guys that we decided to take a bus to Namsan Seoul Tower on my previous Seoul entry?  Yes, we managed to catch a bus there and it was a very sweet experienced.  There are several ways to go to Namsan Tower, by foot (Actually it's pretty near to our guest house. In fact whoever decided to walk there will have to pass our guesthouse), by cable car (Get off at Myeongdong Station and walk around 10 mins to the cable car station) or by bus.  We choose to ride the bus because I really want to experience one in Seoul.

How to go to Namsan Seoul Tower by bus :
Take a subway Line 3 or 4 to Chungmuro Station Exit #2. Turn right to Daehan Multiplex Entrance. Take  bus no. 2 and get off at a bus stop right below the Namsan Tower. From there you have to walk to Seoul Tower Plaza. 
Take the same bus where you get off to get back to Seoul city.  But please remember to inform the driver your stop. I realized there will be a different bus for every stop.
The bus operates every 6 mins from 8.00 - 24.00. Fare 550 won 

The happy me even though there was no empty seat available
After disembarked from the bus. No joke, it was very chilly and windy that night
Take note on the bus. Remember to only get on this bus to Namsan Tower
Wooooo it is an electric bus! It needs to recharge every trip I guess
The scenery on our way up to Seoul Tower Plaza. Definitely worth the nearly 1 km walk on a steep road during a cold night. Little Dina almost gave up.
Admission fee : 7,000 adult  3,000 child. Opening hours 10.00 - 24.00
Is that Xmas trees?? No? Yes?

That is actually thousands of padlocks that are affixed to tree shaped wires also known as love padlocks. Locks of love is a custom in cultures where love birds would lock their padlocks at public areas and they throw away the key to symbolize that their love will be locked forever.... Hahahahhaha  The padlocks can be purchased at the Seoul Tower Souvenir Shop at 2,500 won or you can bring your own padlocks.
Wait a minute. Does a phone casing counts?
Errr they also have tiles love here??
The best photo shot of Seoul city that we managed to capture from Namsan Tower. Others are blurry. That was the price we paid for forgetting to bring our tripod that day. *sigh*
Writing a postcard to Malaysia
Behind is the souvenir shop at the top of Namsan Tower
There is a Teddy Bear Museum at Namsam Tower but I skipped this as we are going to the one in Jeju Island
More love locks on a lamp post. Wonder how they climb all the way up there :D
Love locks along the fences. Wait a minute, is that bench broken??
Last post before we headed back to our guest house

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